Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our style company for your occasion or photoshoot. Our goal is to make every woman feel like a custom made doll. My name is Keristan and I have personally handpicked & curated each gown just for you & your creative endeavors. Please refer to our rental policies and terms BEFORE placing your rental request.

Please note that each gown is priced as listed and each rental is for a duration of 7 days unless extended time is purchased. The security deposit for each gown varies and must be paid at the time of booking. Deposits are fully refundable 2 days after the gown is returned and has been inspected.

If you require an extended rental, the fee is and additional $25 per day. It is important to remember that our dresses are not to be altered or customized in any way. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the loss of your deposit. If the dress is delivered to youwith any damage or similar issues, please notify us immediately.

Please be advised that if any substances (ie. oil-based paint, nail polish, or any other substance that cannot be removed is found on the dress) your security deposit will not be refunded. In the case of grease, food, cake, wine, or water-based paints that require extra cleaning, 50% of the deposit will be deducted. 

It is important to note that Lux dresses should never be submerged under any liquid substance at any time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the loss of the security deposit, without exceptions.

Prior approval is required for any underwater or beach shoots, so please ask before booking.

Clients are strictly prohibited from using our dresses with smoke bombs, colored smoke, smoke, extreme pyron or flame/sparks. Please exercise extreme caution around animals. Any damage, rips, tears, stains, or other forms of damage will result in the loss of the deposit or deduction of cleaning fees. Please, do not wash, iron, or dry the dresses prior to returning them. Steaming is highly recommended.

If the client fails to follow these instructions, they will be responsible for any damages incurred. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.

We offer collaborations for photographers and other creatives. To collaborate with us, please make your request via email at least two weeks in advance of your photoshoot. Kindly include any color palettes or mood boards to help us better understand your vision. 

We kindly request one behind-the-scenes clip and two edited photos within the agreed timeframe, along with creative credits, all sent via email. When posting, please remember to tag us.

Photographers are required to provide a refundable security deposit, and shipping both ways is included in the rental fee. Please ensure that any items shipped together are returned together. If you require stylist assistance for collaborations, there is a $50 fee. All client terms, including rental, deposit terms, and dress safety, still apply to collaborations. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before booking.